Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love:

  1. White chocolate Halloween bark
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    Melted white chocolate is topped with assorted Halloween candy and broken into pieces for this fun holiday-inspired treat.
  2. Paleo pumpkin cinnamon sugar doughnuts
    Paleo? No problem. Even cavemen would've loved these grain-free treats.
  3. Double chocolate zucchini muffins
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    These double chocolate muffins have a surprise ingredient: zucchini! These delicious, fluffy muffins are a win for both moms and...
  4. Modern Mom: Top 10 pumpkin desserts
    While pumpkin may taste great in Oreos, coffee creamer and even gum (what?!), there’s really nothing that quite compares to a good...
  5. Halloween Oreo-stuffed brownies
    Use up those Halloween Oreo cookies by stuffing them into brownies. Your whole family will devour them up.
  6. Sweet monster sandwiches
    Nothing says Halloween like these too-cute-for-words monster cookie sandwiches. Not only are they perfect for your kids' Halloween...
  7. Sweet potato snickerdoodle muffins
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    Steamed sweet potatoes are folded into snickerdoodle cupcake batter and baked up into this surprisingly delicious and healthy spin...
  8. Sweet and spicy peanut brittle
    When it comes to treats, this recipe is old-fashioned fun with a slight twist. Enjoy it as a snack with the family, or package it up...
  9. Apple pecan pie
    Apple pecan pie brings two of America's greatest pies together in one shell. Enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped...
  10. Apple cinnamon roll muffins
    You know all that cinnamon roll flavor you love? Well, we are giving it to you but it's even better. It's in muffin form and packed...
  11. Apple cinnamon sugar cookie bars
    Apple cinnamon never tasted so good. Sweet apples mixed with sugar cookies, what's not to love?
  12. Sweet potato cake
    Sweet potato cake is a tender, moist cake chock-full of spice and flavor. A simple cake that is perfect served with ice cream,...
  13. Make fro-yo in your food processor in just 10 minutes
    Frozen yogurt is a satisfying treat that can be made in minutes at home, no trip to the ice cream store required.
  14. Chewy white chocolate chunk and tart cherry cookie bars
    Chunks of white chocolate and tart cherries are best friends in these cookie bars
  15. Cake batter Rice Krispies cake
    Have you always dreamed of having a Rice Krispies cake for your birthday?
  16. Chewy brown rice bars
    I have a weakness for Rice Krispies treats, but who doesn't? They are the perfect sweet snack in one bar. But this recipe here is...
  17. 3 Creative and kid-friendly apple pie recipes
    As a kid, I absolutely adored apple pie. I couldn't wait until Thanksgiving so I could eat two or three slices of my mom's thick,...
  18. Condensed milk chocolate chip cookies
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    Pop open a can of condensed milk and make yourself some cookies. Light and fluffy these are the cookies of cakey cookie lovers' dreams.
  19. Modern Mom: Our favorite homemade ice cream recipes
    Summer is officially coming to a close — and whether you lived it up spending all of your free time outside or didn't quite have...
  20. Browned butter lemon cookies with yellow raspberry icing
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    Browned butter lemon cookies with yellow raspberry icing are basically summer in cookie form. Browned butter adds a depth of flavor,...

Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love