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  1. 3 No-bake cookie dough desserts
    My favorite part of making cookies isn't the actual cookie, it's the dough. I could probably eat about 12 bowls of it, but that...
  2. Chocolate, hazelnut, cherry and coconut bark
    Chocolate, hazelnut, cherry and coconut bark is a surefire way to get a flavorful dose of chocolate in one bite! Crunchy hazelnuts,...
  3. Hasselback apples
    Hasselback apples take dessert to a fancy new level. Thinly sliced apples baked with brown sugar and cinnamon are sure to please any...
  4. Salted caramel chocolate cheesecake cookies
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    If you can't decide between cheesecake or cookies, we've got the perfect dessert for you — cheesecake cookies! That's right, we've...
  5. Snowman ice cream sundae
    The kids will laugh with delight when they see this fun and festive ice cream sundae. Shaped like a snowman and decorated with...
  6. Snowball-topped cookies
    Sugar cookies are probably my favorite to make, decorate and eat, of course! These cute little cookies are even more fun to make...
  7. Caramel apple pound cake
    Caramel apple pound cake is a fun and sweet dessert to serve both at home or at parties. Add a little salt to the caramel for an...
  8. Lavender lemon shortbread cookies
    Lavender lemon shortbread cookies make tea time elegant. Crushed lavender and lemon zest make these simple cookies shine!
  9. Microwave peanut brittle
    Peanut brittle is the perfect holiday sweet treat. We made it even easier by coming up with a recipe to make it in the microwave.
  10. Cookie butter cookies
    Cookie butter cookies take three ingredients and make them shine! Cookie butter, eggs and sugar make for a delicious cookie dessert.
  11. Citrus tart with almond crust
    Citrus tart with almond crust takes tangy grapefruit-orange citrus curd and puts it perfectly into a nutty delicious crust for a...
  12. No-bake butterscotch oatmeal bites
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    Gluten-free oats are combined with butterscotch chips, spices and maple syrup and then rolled into little bite-sized balls. This is...
  13. Peppermint mocha truffles
    Peppermint mocha truffles take all of the flavors of the classic holiday drink and put them in creamy chocolate dessert form.
  14. Candy cane s'mores
    S'mores aren't just for summer. We have taken the classic s'more and given it a candy cane twist.
  15. Blueberry almond biscotti
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    Blueberry almond biscotti utilizes dried blueberries for a summery treat in the dead of winter. Serve with coffee or tea for a sweet...
  16. Sugar cookie brownies
    Sugar cookie brownies are decadence at its finest. A layer of brownies is topped with sugar cookie dough and baked off to gooey...
  17. Eggnog cupcakes
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    'Tis the season, the season for eggnog everything!
  18. Homemade peppermint eggnog
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    As much as adults love their eggnog (more often spiked), kids aren't huge fans of this holiday drink. That was until the creation of...
  19. 2-Ingredient Greek yogurt brownies
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    Two-ingredient Greek yogurt brownies bump up the protein and the moisture of brownie mix without any of the guilt!
  20. Caramel apple trifles
    This is one perfectly sweet layered trifle. Apples, caramel, vanilla pudding and crunchy granola. What's not to love?

Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love