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  1. Root beer float cupcakes
    Bored with the standard cupcake fare? Mix it up with these root beer float cupcakes. Trust us, you won't miss the ice cream.
  2. Mint brownie milkshake
    We all love milkshakes but they get even better when they are spiked with mint and lots of brownies. It's time to drink your dessert!
  3. Leprechaun cookie bark
    Dessert bark isn't just for Christmas. This cookie bark is packed with candy and lots of festive sprinkles.
  4. Rainbow poke cake
    Poke cake is a fun dessert to make with the kids but it's even better when you make the cake any color you desire.
  5. Green velvet cupcakes with fluffy cream cheese frosting
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    These super delicious green cupcakes are topped with a creamy homemade cream cheese frosting. Perfect for your St. Patty's Day...
  6. Thin Mints puppy chow
    Puppy chow is a perfect party snack. It gets even better when we throw in some chopped Thin Mints and lots of chocolate chips.
  7. Chocolate cake for one
    Chocolate cake for one is baked, not microwaved. Make sure you invest in some smaller ramekins to eat this treat year-round!
  8. Cinnamon churro cake bites
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    If you love cinnamon and you love cake, this is one dessert you won’t want to pass on! Pound cake is cubed and lightly fried, and...
  9. How to make chocolate shell
    Did you ever wonder how they get that magical chocolaty shell on your favorite ice cream treats? Make your own at home with this...
  10. Flourless peanut butter bars
    Flourless peanut butter bars have just a few ingredients that pack a serious flavor punch. These cookies are so dense and rich...
  11. Saltine cracker toffee
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    The secret saltine cracker ingredient might sound odd but trust us. It creates a crunchy toffee candy treat that will be sure to...
  12. Ooey gooey s'mores personal pies
    S'mores aren't just for summertime, friends. These amazing chocolate desserts topped with gooey marshmallows and graham crackers can...
  13. Sweet and simple strawberry pies
    For this recipe I wanted to make a pie that wasn't difficult so I used my handy secret weapon, puff pastry! It's the best shortcut...
  14. Strawberry shortcake Rice Krispies treats
    Strawberry shortcake is not just a simple summer dessert. We took all that flavor and turned it into a crunchy Rice Krispies treat.
  15. Carrot cake bars with Greek yogurt frosting
    Carrot cake bars with Greek yogurt frosting are a dessert you can happily serve any guest or family member. The Greek yogurt...
  16. Heart-shaped Jell-O cookies recipe
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    You can easily change the color and flavor of these adorable cookies by varying the kind of Jell-O used!
  17. Pink layered Valentine's Day parfait
    This parfait has sweet pink layers of pudding, whipped cream and freshly chopped berries. This is a perfectly pink Valentine's Day...
  18. Fluffy chocolate mousse with raspberry cream
    Kids aren't always very easy to please when it comes to food. In most households, you have to make one dinner for them and one for...
  19. Flourless chocolate coconut cake
    Flourless chocolate coconut cake is a perfect dessert you can serve to anyone. Rich and fudgy with a hint of the tropics, this is...
  20. Roasted cherry sauce
    Roasted cherry sauce can be made year-round using delicious frozen or fresh cherries. Enjoy on top of oatmeal, yogurt, ice cream...

Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love