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  1. Skillet brownies with peanut butter sauce
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    Some things are just made for each other — like chocolate and peanut butter. This dessert pairs them up for a rich skillet treat.
  2. Rocky road Rice Krispies treats
    Marshmallowy, chocolaty, nutty rocky road ice cream meets Rice Krispies in the ultimate dessert mash-up.
  3. Best ever homemade vanilla bean birthday cake
    I have always been a vanilla cake person. As much as people love chocolate and strawberry, I have to say, vanilla is the best. But...
  4. Mini Neapolitan ice cream bombs
    I know the title ice cream bomb doesn't necessarily sound appetizing, but trust us, these little ice cream cakes are insatiable....
  5. Chocolate banana wontons
    If you’re in a time crunch and need something right away, this dessert recipe is the one for you. These banana wontons are your...
  6. Modern Mom: Nutritional dessert ideas for kids
    You don’t have to forgo dessert in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out these yummy — and nutritional — dessert...
  7. Mini strawberry white chocolate pies
    Strawberries and white chocolate are a match made in heaven. Perfectly sweet and perfectly delicious. 
  8. Coconut ice cream with brownie fudge swirl
    Coconut ice cream with brownie fudge swirl is a decadent treat in the middle of summer. Coconut milk makes this ice cream rich and...
  9. Popsicle parfaits
    These popsicle parfaits are layered with frozen summer fruit puree for a sweet and healthy treat.
  10. Cookie butter sushi rolls
    Lookin' to get the kiddos into sushi? Start them out with these rolls made with spicy speculoos cream (that's freaking cookie...
  11. Berry bread
    Berry bread is a sweet and delicious way to enjoy summer's berry bounty. Just slather with your favorite nut butter for a fantastic...
  12. Chewy peanut butter Reese’s cookies
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    These soft and chewy peanut butter cookies are laced with crunchy peanut butter and Reese’s candy pieces.
  13. White chocolate lemon apricot bites
    White chocolate lemon apricot bites make dessert time special and manageable. Creamy white chocolate is packed with chopped apricots...
  14. Summery peach and raspberry crisp
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    Fresh red raspberries and juicy summer peaches are topped with an oat-based topping and baked for one delicious and guilt-free dessert.
  15. Donut bites served with chocolate- cinnamon sauce
    Donuts are great but they are even better when served with a warm chocolate-cinnamon sauce. Just wait until you start dipping —...
  16. Peanut butter Capt'n Crunch ice cream
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    This homemade ice cream is loaded with peanut butter flavor and a fun and interesting ingredient: Capt'n Crunch cereal. This fun...
  17. Vegan fluffer nutter sandwiches
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    Vegan marshmallows and creamy peanut butter are spread on toasted sprouted grain bread for a seriously delicious sweet treat.
  18. Star-shaped red velvet brownies
    Who doesn’t love red velvet? These brownies are super delicious and sandwich between a layer of fluffy cream cheese frosting. 
  19. Red, white and blue on-the-go cupcakes
    Have you ever wanted to eat a cupcake on the road? Well, we have you covered. It's patriotic and delicious.
  20. Roasted marshmallow and fresh strawberry malted milkshake
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    A roasted marshmallow shake will win you over forever. Add some fresh strawberries to the mix and you'll have a shake experience...

Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love