Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love - Page 10:

  1. Nutella and chocolate dessert calzones
    Max 5 stars
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    If it has Nutella, count everyone in!
  2. Easy fresh fruit pizza with sugar cookie crust
    Max 5 stars
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    This beautiful dessert is almost too pretty to eat. Using a simple pre-made sugar cookie for the crust saves loads of time. Top with...
  3. Cute monkey cupcakes
    Want to give your kids a cupcake they'll love for their spring birthday? Whip up these adorable cuppies that look like little monkeys!
  4. Mini apple crostadas
    Mini apple crostadas make good use of store-bought pie crust and sweet apples to make a dessert that's perfect for popping. Make a...
  5. Whipped coconut fruit dip
    Want a smooth and creamy yet healthy dip for your fruit? Here we share this delicious recipe that is light, fluffy and adds just...
  6. Dinner shortcuts: Bisquick peach cobbler
    Looking for a simple and quick dessert? This Bisquick topped peach cobbler can be ready to devour in less than an hour!
  7. Mocha peanut butter frozen yogurt
    Creamy and dreamy frozen yogurt within a few minutes at home? It can be done! Mocha peanut butter frozen yogurt brings the...
  8. Chocolate covered Peeps pops
    Not sure what to do with all those Peeps? Put them on a stick, dip them in chocolate and decorate away! The kids will love this one!
  9. Cake batter jelly bean popcorn
    Who said your popcorn can't also be a dessert? This recipe for cake batter popcorn turns your favorite salty snack into a perfect...
  10. Lemon cream pie
    Max 5 stars
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    This pie is smooth, lemony perfection.
  11. Jelly bean Easter bark
    Bark isn't reserved just for Christmas treats! Pastel swirled chocolate dotted with sweet jelly beans. It's the perfect little...
  12. Easter bunny Rice Krispies treats
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    Instead of hiding the traditional Easter goodies like jelly beans or Cadbury eggs in your child's basket, why not add a few of these...
  13. Sparkly carrot cones
    Since the thought of eating an actual carrot is probably unappealing to your picky kids, why not give them a carrot they'll actually...
  14. Waffle brownie sundaes
    Use that waffle iron to spruce up dessert for the family! Homemade brownie batter is baked up in a waffle iron and topped with ice...
  15. Lemon cake mix cookies
    Easy lemon cookies that are moist, delicious and did we mention, oh so easy!
  16. Apricot upside-down cake
    Apricot upside-down cake is a beautiful way to use delicious seasonal apricots to wow your friends and family! Fresh or dried...
  17. Orange pound cake trifle
    Max 5 stars
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    Pound cake soaked in orange juice, this trifle is a beautiful, fruity dessert!
  18. Jelly bean carrot cakes
    Make your house the place to be this Easter by adding these adorable jelly bean carrot cakes to the menu! The kids will love them...
  19. Mini teapot cakes
    At your next birthday party or shower, why not give each guest their own mini teapot cake? These adorable cakes are relatively easy...
  20. Southern coconut cake
    Max 5 stars
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    Three to seven days for a cake? Yes, and worth every day you wait!

Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love