Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love:

  1. Cardamom ginger peach cobbler
    Cardamom ginger peach cobbler is warm and comforting, and a perfect match with cold vanilla ice cream.
  2. Blueberry oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie bars
    These cookie bars are so easy and fast to make. One batch and you're done. Just like that.
  3. Fruity Pebbles funfetti cake
    There's nothing that makes you feel more like a kid than a big slice of funfetti cake. No matter what kind of day you're having, you...
  4. Homemade honey pound cake and strawberries
    Honey pound cake and strawberries is a quintessential summer dessert. Serve with ice cream or freshly whipped cream for a flavorful...
  5. Pink lemonade cookies
    Take your picnic refreshments to go with these pink lemonade cookies.
  6. Funfetti skillet cookie
    Bust out that skillet and make a cookie. You're going to love all that butter cookie flavor and all the colorful sprinkles.
  7. Fruit-filled waffle cones
    Carving out a watermelon for your fruit salad bowl is so last year — serve up some summer fruit in waffle cones for a handheld treat.
  8. Restaurant copycat: McDonald's McFlurry
    Sometimes when I'm feeling really desperate, sad, stressed or angry, I hop in my car and drive to the nearest McDonald's. Without a...
  9. Nectarine cake tatin
    Nectarine cake tatin takes beautiful fresh nectarines and embeds them in a tender cake with a built-in caramel sauce.
  10. Cinnamon-blueberry-filled pavlovas
    Cinnamon-blueberry-filled pavlovas are an impressively beautiful summer dessert. Pavlovas made with egg whites and sweet blueberry...
  11. Banana, chocolate and coconut ice cream cake
    Ice cream cakes can be a huge pain in the butt to make. They either don't set and melt everywhere, or they freeze too much, leaving...
  12. Red, white and blue pretzel-topped cheesecake
    I have a confession. I think I have more fun playing with my food than the kids do. When I can, I always try to make desserts or...
  13. Peanut butter chocolate dessert pizza
    Pizza is even better when it's for dessert. We made a giant peanut butter cookie and topped it with melted chocolate and lots of...
  14. Skillet brownies with peanut butter sauce
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    Some things are just made for each other — like chocolate and peanut butter. This dessert pairs them up for a rich skillet treat.
  15. Rocky road Rice Krispies treats
    Marshmallowy, chocolaty, nutty rocky road ice cream meets Rice Krispies in the ultimate dessert mash-up.
  16. Best ever homemade vanilla bean birthday cake
    I have always been a vanilla cake person. As much as people love chocolate and strawberry, I have to say, vanilla is the best. But...
  17. Mini Neapolitan ice cream bombs
    I know the title ice cream bomb doesn't necessarily sound appetizing, but trust us, these little ice cream cakes are insatiable....
  18. Chocolate banana wontons
    If you’re in a time crunch and need something right away, this dessert recipe is the one for you. These banana wontons are your...
  19. Modern Mom: Nutritional dessert ideas for kids
    You don’t have to forgo dessert in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Check out these yummy — and nutritional — dessert...
  20. Mini strawberry white chocolate pies
    Strawberries and white chocolate are a match made in heaven. Perfectly sweet and perfectly delicious. 

Dessert recipes and sweet treats the kids will love