ChefMom School Breakfasts: Healthy, easy, quick and fun school breakfast recipes and ideas:

  1. Breakfast ideas for busy school mornings
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    We've all heard about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it can be hard to get your kids to eat a good...
  2. Breakfast recipes to celebrate the first day of school
    A special breakfast adds to the fun of the first day of school, so make it a morning party with quick and easy recipes.
  3. Deconstructed cereal breakfasts
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    Bored with your breakfast cereal? Give your morning a new twist with these fresh takes on cereal breakfasts.
  4. Breakfast recipes to boost brain power
    Proteins, complex carbs from whole grains, and nutrient-packed ingredients like nuts and dried fruit help blood sugar stay level...
  5. Grab-and-go breakfast faves
    When school mornings feel more like frenzied chaos than leisurely prep time, something's bound to give. Don't feel bad about...
  6. Smoothie recipes to make mornings easier
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    Smoothies are sweet, filled with nutrients and a great way to start your day. Since the thick breakfast beverage is so similar to a...
  7. Back to school breakfast recipes for kids
    Let your kids be in charge and show them how to prepare these healthy, easy back to school breakfast recipes. You can finish blow...
  8. Healthy and fast back to school breakfast recipes
    Fueling your kiddos with healthy, balanced breakfasts in the morning will give them a winning and delicious start to the school day....
  9. Five minute breakfast sandwiches
    School day mornings can be such a rush: first, you have to get yourself up; then, you have to get your kids up; then you all have to...
  10. A meal in a smoothie?
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    Smoothies are tasty options when you're thirsty on a hot summer day. But smoothies - especially ones carefully constructed from...

Wondering what type of breakfast to make on a busy school morning? ChefMom has you covered with school breakfast recipe ideas, breakfast tips and more.