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  1. Easy pea and mozzarella soup
    Halloween is just around the corner! So if you're looking for a non-sugary recipe for the adults, then this soup is a great addition...
  2. Dinner Shortcuts: Sorta homemade baked beans
    Homemade baked beans can take almost all day to make. These homemade flavored beans give you that all-day taste but take hardly any...
  3. Dinner Shortcuts: Corn, chicken and Fritos salad
    Is it a side dish or a main course? Whatever your heart desires! This is one packed salad that will blow your mind.
  4. Dinner Shortcuts: Enchilada bubble bake
    This bubble bake is packed full of spicy Mexican flavor. With the addition of spiced ground beef and chipotle, we take this dish...
  5. Dinner Shortcuts: Deep dish biscuit pizzas
    Hello deep dish pizza! It's all baked together in a muffin tin to create the perfect individual deep dish pizza.
  6. Dinner Shortcuts: Grilled chicken and hummus pita pockets
    These simple stuffed pitas are perfect for the weeknight rush. Grilled chicken and store-bought hummus never tasted so great.
  7. Easy pizza bagels 3 ways
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    Bagels are a common breakfast staple but did you know they can double as a pizza crust? Top bagels with pizza sauce, mozzarella...
  8. Dinner Shortcuts: Greek meatball sliders
    Frozen meatballs combine with homemade tzatziki sauce and pita bread to create the perfect sliders. You won't believe how easy and...
  9. Protein power strawberry smoothie
    The great thing about smoothies is that they are incredibly versatile. You can get protein, antioxidants and a lot more from a glass...
  10. Super easy steamed dumplings
    So your friends are coming over for an impromptu game night at your house. You're too broke for takeout and you're not exactly...
  11. Dinner Shortcuts: Sorta homemade broccoli cheddar soup
    No need to mess around with tricky cheese soups from scratch. This easy version gives you the help you need to make a perfect soup.
  12. Green beans with bacon vinaigrette
    In my opinion, a side dish is just as important as the entree and should be flavorful enough to stand on its own. I'm always up for...
  13. Simple pasta with fresh basil
    This is the kind of dish that makes you realize that the simplest meals are the greatest. Creating a flavorful and quick dish in...
  14. Dinner Shortcuts: Pesto chicken panini
    Use up that rotisserie chicken! A simple sandwich with bold flavor brought from pesto and stringy mozzarella cheese.
  15. 3 Kid-friendly sushi recipes
    Can't get your kids to branch out with what they eat? Inspire them to eat sushi by whipping up one of these fun recipes! In fact,...
  16. Dinner Shortcuts: Cheesy meatball-stuffed biscuits
    This quick and easy dish is perfect for the family! In just two bites, you are finished! Your family will love this dish!
  17. Dinner Shortcuts: Easy edamame and bacon pasta salad
    No need to heat up the oven with this dish! This simple pasta salad can be served as dinner or a light lunch.
  18. Dinner Shortcuts: Creamy refried bean dip
    Serve it as a dip or as supper! This simple dip is layers of beans, cheese, sour cream and anything else you want! So simple and oh...
  19. Cobbler in a cup
    Cobbler in a cup is the best way to make a single-serving dessert without all the fuss. Choose your favorite fruit and preserves...
  20. Summer sweet peas with bacon and honey roasted cashews
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    This dish tastes as good as it looks. Sweet peas are combined with crispy applewood smoked bacon and sweet honey roasted cashews...

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