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  1. Dinner Shortcuts: Sweet potato mash
    Boxed potatoes get a makeover when mixed with nutritious sweet potatoes. This is one easy dinner side dish.
  2. Dinner Shortcuts: Super cheesy garlic breadsticks
    Not sure how to make your own breadsticks? This simple recipe is covered with two different cheeses and lots of butter and garlic.
  3. Grilled peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich
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    Creamy peanut butter, sweet honey and sliced bananas are piled high on whole grain bread and toasted. This warm filling sandwich is...
  4. Spinach and cheese phyllo roll-ups
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    Phyllo dough is stuffed with spinach and creamy cheeses and then rolled up and baked. These are perfect for an after-school snack or...
  5. Dinner Shortcuts: Open face tuna and spinach melt
    Need a quick meal? This open face tuna melt is perfect for lunch or dinner! Plus the addition of spinach brings even more...
  6. Dinner Shortcuts: Honey-mustard smoked sausage wraps
    Roll up smoked beef sausage with homemade honey mustard. Perfect for a snacking dinner or easy party appetizer.
  7. Dinner Shortcuts: Buffalo chicken quesadilla
    Make a simple Buffalo chicken mixture, throw it on a tortilla and cook until crispy. You're going to love this quesadilla!
  8. Dinner Shortcuts: BBQ chicken quesadilla
    Chicken, BBQ sauce and caramelized onions all pressed between two buttery grilled tortillas. This is one delicious and easy dinner.
  9. Slow-cooker meatloaf
    Turns out, it's actually possible to make meatloaf easier. This tasty loaf is juicy and delish after just a few hours in a Crock-Pot.
  10. Dinner Shortcuts: Monte Cristo crescent roll-ups
    All the flavor of a Monte Cristo sandwich rolled up in a crescent roll.  Add a sprinkle of powdered sugar and call it a meal.
  11. Dinner Shortcuts: Canadian Bacon egg and biscuits {Breakfast...
    Breakfast for dinner? Maybe just looking for a quick breakfast? This is the dish you have been waiting for!
  12. Dinner Shortcuts: Meatball and spaghetti soup
    Spaghetti and meatballs aren't just for your plate. This tasty dish has been transformed into a simple and quick soup.
  13. Dinner Shortcuts: Doritos pie
    Spicy Mexican flavors all baked together and topped with crushed Doritos. Hello simple supper!
  14. Dinner Shortcuts: Quick and easy 7 Up biscuits
    You're not going to believe the secret ingredients in these delicious biscuits. A can of 7 Up isn't just for drinking!
  15. Dinner Shortcuts: Tortilla pizza rolls
    Pizza rolls don't have to come in a package. These are homemade and packed full of pepperoni, marinara sauce and melty mozzarella...
  16. Skinny grapefruit mocktails
    Skinny grapefruit mocktails are full of sweet and bitter notes, but perfect for anyone to drink. Be sure to make a double batch!
  17. Dinner Shortcuts: Sausage cream cheese crescent roll-ups
    So simple and so full of flavor. Your whole family will love these little rolls of deliciousness.
  18. Dinner Shortcuts: Chicken noodle casserole
    Noodle casserole isn't just for tuna. This time we are switching it up and using canned chicken instead.
  19. Dinner Shortcuts: Cheesy spinach crescent rolls
    Crescent roll-ups are a great way to add flavor to just about any meal. We layered these buttery crescents with lots of cheese and...
  20. Sausage and potato skillet
    Sausage and potato skillet is a hearty and delicious meal that comes together in seconds! Use frozen hash browns if you're in a...

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