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  1. Modern Mom: Fall Crock-Pot recipes for the family
    If you enjoy using your Crock-Pot, you won’t want to miss these eight incredible recipes that are perfect for fall.
  2. Italian sausage and marinara pastry bites
    These yummies are as cute as they are delicious. Kids will love these because they're the perfect size for little hands. Oh and they...
  3. 10-Minute pasta Alfredo
    Ten-minute pasta Alfredo is ready in the few minutes it takes to boil the pasta itself! Creamy, dreamy and so good with a salad and...
  4. Modern Mom: 9 Tips for using your slow cooker
    There's almost nothing better than coming home to the house smelling wonderful thanks to your slow cooker meal from the morning....
  5. Carrots drenched in a quick and easy homemade teriyaki sauce
    One skillet, a small bag of carrots and homemade teriyaki sauce equal one wonderful side dish.
  6. Dinner Shortcuts: Sausage gravy and toast
    Breakfast for dinner is the best kind of dinner. You're going to love this filling recipe. 
  7. Fried chicken finger burritos with black beans
    You get comfort food to the second power with these fried chicken-filled burritos, or you can even call them fried chickenritos.
  8. 2-Bite homemade easy corn dogs
    We all love corn dogs but who wants to bust out the deep fryer? Bake them instead.
  9. Dinner Shortcuts: Honey mustard chicken panini
    Don't get takeout when this sandwich only takes five minutes to make.
  10. Easy baked black bean flautas
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    Mashed black beans and cheese are rolled up in organic corn tortillas and baked until crispy. Serve these flautas with salsa, sour...
  11. Dinner Shortcuts: Pizzadilla (pizza quesadilla)
    This is all about pizza in quesadilla form. Quick and easy.
  12. Dinner Shortcuts: Chicken, bacon & avocado wrap
    This wrap is full of delicious chicken, bacon and avocado flavor.
  13. Dinner Shortcuts: Fast and easy chicken ranch tacos
    Say hello to your new go-to Taco Tuesday recipe.
  14. Dinner Shortcuts: Baked BBQ chicken legs
    Chicken legs are always a crowd-pleaser and they are great when paired with BBQ sauce. Bake it all up and call it a day.
  15. Dinner Shortcuts: Easy chicken tetrazzini
    Cut your prep time in half by using up some rotisserie chicken and making the best chicken tetrazzini you have ever had. So simple...
  16. Dinner Shortcuts: Asian pork noodle skillet
    Use up those ramen noodles by adding frozen vegetables and lots of marinated pork.
  17. Fruity pina colada smoothie
    With each sip of this creamy smoothie you'll hear tropical music and the sound of waves on the seashore.
  18. Dinner Shortcuts: Baked sausage and vegetable spaghetti
    Clean out the refrigerator and use up all those vegetables. We packed this baked spaghetti with lots of vegetables and some spicy...
  19. Watermelon slushies
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    Refreshing, fun and delicious. You'll be slurping these down in seconds.
  20. Dinner Shortcuts: Southwest skillet dinner
    Lots of veggies, lots of Southwest flavor and lots of spicy hamburger. This is the perfect weeknight supper.

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