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  1. Microwave breakfast cobbler
    Microwave breakfast cobbler makes having dessert for breakfast totally doable. Fresh or frozen fruit and cinnamon are the base,...
  2. Dinner Shortcuts: Quick mini vegetable pesto frittatas
    Want a hot breakfast but need to get out the door quickly? These little frittatas use frozen mixed vegetables mixed with eggs and...
  3. Dinner shortcuts: Potato bacon casserole
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    Want a quick breakfast dish? This recipe uses store-bought hash browns, bacon and cheese. In no time, your family will go from...
  4. Sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon honey butter
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    These sweet potato pancakes are a healthy treat for breakfast.
  5. Peanut butter and banana French toast
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    Sometimes we just need a little fancy in our lives. This French toast is taken to the next level with lots of creamy peanut butter...
  6. Almond and date muffins
    Grain-free never tasted so decadent. Almond and date muffins utilize the flavor and texture of almond meal, the sweetness of dates...
  7. Fruit and yogurt in granola bowls
    Make Mom feel special on Mother’s Day with this lovely idea. Homemade granola is transformed into a granola bowl and filled with...
  8. Easy Mexican pancakes recipe
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    Your family doesn't have to wait until happy hour to start celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Kick off the festivities first thing in the...
  9. Banana pecan overnight oatmeal
    Banana pecan overnight oatmeal brings flavor and ease back to breakfast. Served cold or warm, this filling and delicious bowl of...
  10. Healthy blueberry oatmeal pancakes
    Breakfast can be simple, delicious and healthy — just make these healthy blueberry oatmeal pancakes with tons of whole grains and...
  11. Cold brew iced coffee
    Just because the weather is warmer doesn't mean you don't still need a caffeine boost. Cold brew iced coffee makes all the coffee...
  12. Monkey bread cups
    Individual monkey bread bites!
  13. St. Patrick's Day chocolate donuts
    Skip the food dye-laden treats normally found on St. Patrick's Day menus and make these rich chocolate donuts instead. These festive...
  14. Pancake bar
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    Celebrate Pancake Day by setting up a pancake bar.
  15. Homemade breakfast cereals
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    Tired of spending a fortune on boxed cereal that is loaded with sugar and preservatives? Save money and get healthier by making one...
  16. Homemade strawberry toaster pastries
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    What kid doesn't love those high fructose, loaded with preservative pop tarts and pastries that come in a box? Allow your kids their...
  17. Make-and-freeze breakfast burritos
    Breakfast burritos can be a challenge when mornings are fast-paced, but these make-and-freeze breakfast burritos are sure to get...
  18. Cherry-almond smoothies
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    A cherry-almond smoothie is a great way to start the day! Bright and flavorful, this will make your morning!
  19. Bacon and cream cheese biscuits
    Bump up that ordinary breakfast with a truly decadent biscuit that won't disappoint. Serve these bacon and cream cheese biscuits...
  20. Best blueberry pancakes with blueberry butter and syrup
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    Blueberries are brain food, so no better way to start the day!

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