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  1. Overnight gluten-free waffles
    This make-ahead waffle recipe is easy to prepare and super delicious. And the catch, it's gluten-free! In your fridge, keep a batch...
  2. Strawberry jam rolls with orange glaze
    Not that we don't all love a great cinnamon roll, but make an end-of-summer change to them by smearing strawberry jam in the middle...
  3. Breakfast pasta
    Serve up a whole-wheat pasta dish for breakfast to change it up! Bacon and fresh herbs are running through the whole-wheat pasta,...
  4. Avocado toast with bacon and asparagus
    Amp up the breakfast routine with fresh avocado smashed over perfect toast and then topped with crisp bacon and tender asparagus!
  5. Breakfast banana Rice Krispies bars
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    When I was younger, Rice Krispies treats were my favorite. And I'm sure nowadays they still are for a lot of kids. This version is...
  6. Dinner Shortcuts: Crescent bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches
    Some days you just want breakfast for dinner. This is the dish for you! Crescent rolls, egg, cheese and of course bacon.
  7. 4 Fun back-to-school breakfasts
    The words “fun” and “back to school” don’t often go hand in hand, especially for the little ones. We have a feeling...
  8. Eggo waffle breakfast sandwich
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    Tired of your same ol’ cereal for breakfast? Add some variety to your morning routine by serving up this decadent, cheesy and...
  9. Dinner Shortcuts: Ham and cheese cornbread bake
    Talk about layers of flavor! This cornbread is packed with ham and lots of cheese.
  10. Oatmeal cookie pancakes
    For your new Saturday morning pancake recipe, you may want to check this one out. The batter is simple and packed with healthy whole...
  11. Pumpkin coconut breakfast roll-ups
    Breakfast can be a little blah sometimes, so change it up with these rolled pancakes! Pumpkin puree makes these moist and tender,...
  12. Pancake pops
    Who wouldn't love breakfast on a stick! These treats are perfect for a brunch party or even for a special birthday breakfast.
  13. Dinner Shortcuts: Pita pocket breakfast sandwich
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    Breakfast time is the perfect time to grab and go. This dish is so delicious you can eat it in the morning and at night.
  14. Greek yogurt French toast
    For breakfast, I decided to switch it up and make French toast that's drizzled with a mixture of Greek yogurt, cinnamon and maple...
  15. Island flavored stuffed French toast
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    Brunch this weekend will be the talk of your town!
  16. Baked banana chocolate chip donuts
    Tired of boring banana bread? This simple baked donut will help you use up old bananas without keeping your menu boring. Just bake...
  17. Angel food cake French toast
    Light angel food cake dipped in a cinnamon batter and fried until perfection. This is one French toast you can eat for dinner!...
  18. Dinner Shortcuts: Cinnamon raisin quick biscuits
    Your breakfast needs shortcuts too! These easy biscuits are perfect for the little ones and are full of sweet cinnamon flavor.
  19. Almond apple scones
    Almond apple scones are simple to make ahead and reheat for yummy breakfast options during the week. Perfect with tea, coffee or a...
  20. Chocolate chip oatmeal pancakes
    Chocolate chip pancakes are a big hit with the little ones. We added in a little oatmeal to make their breakfast treat just a bit...

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