Morning! :

  1. Pumpkin cheesecake French toast sticks
    French toast sticks, not just for high school cafeterias anymore. These fluffy, thick sticks aren't just loaded with pumpkin flavor...
  2. Half homemade cinnamon twists with vanilla glaze
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    Waiting for yeast breads to rise is the worst. This semi-homemade breakfast treat is packed full of cinnamon sugar flavor and ready...
  3. Pumpkin quinoa and oats
    Pumpkin quinoa and oats are a great way to pack in protein, fiber and veggies during the first meal of the day. Mix up the dry...
  4. Breakfast butternut squash
    Breakfast butternut squash takes halved butternut squash and fills it up with oats, nuts and fruit. Let it bake away while getting...
  5. French toast with bloody strawberry syrup
    Treat yourself to a creepy and delicious Halloween breakfast made with bloody syrup that tastes just like strawberries.
  6. Nut-crusted spiced French toast
    French toast is great but it gets even better when it is crusted in chopped mixed nuts and topped with a spiced maple syrup.
  7. Chocolate-cherry vanilla smoothies
    Can you think of a better flavor combination than chocolate and cherries? Add vanilla yogurt to the mix and you'll flip over these...
  8. Bacon and egg pie
    Bacon and egg pie is a fun, fresh take on the traditional quiche. Make the pie crust out of your favorite bread, then fill with a...
  9. Yeast pancakes with peach-maple butter
    Yeast pancakes with peach-maple butter are a fabulous way to celebrate brunch. A light yeasty flavor permeates these delicious...
  10. Carrot cake pancakes with coconut whipped topping
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    Carrot cake is a tried-and-true dessert option. Why not start your day off right with these carrot cake pancakes with coconut...
  11. Oatmeal raisin breakfast cookies
    Cookies are an acceptable meal for breakfast when they're stuffed full of healthy oats and raisins.
  12. Dinner Shortcuts: Spicy vegetable frittata
    Frittata is the perfect fast-paced weeknight meal. Full of flavor and super healthy.
  13. Funfetti oatmeal
    It's hard to start the day off on the wrong foot when there are sprinkles in your breakfast.
  14. Restaurant copycat: Cheesecake IHOP pancakes
    When I was in college, my friends and I would always go to IHOP after a long night of.... studying. And nothing quite hit the spot...
  15. Cinnamon streusel yogurt muffins
    Cinnamon streusel yogurt muffins are the perfect treat for school mornings or weekend brunch. Add a little sweetness to your...
  16. Mini strawberry shortcake pancake kabobs
    Kabobs aren't just for meat. Make breakfast fun with these pancake skewers.
  17. Apple, bacon, egg and potato bake
    Toss together an easy, one-dish breakfast dish to start the day off right.
  18. Stuffed angel food cake French toast (stuffed with homemade...
    With this dish you can have your cake for breakfast. Sweet and simple angel food cake French toast stuffed and topped with a sweet...
  19. Peach pie oatmeal
    Dessert and breakfast meet in this peach pie oatmeal.
  20. French toasties with mascarpone dip
    The only thing cuter than these French toasties is probably the sight of your kid's giggling while they dip them into the creamy dip...

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