Healthy Eating - Page 9:

  1. How you and your kids can eat healthy over spring break
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    Traveling for spring break? Here are tips to stay healthy and not “overindulge” too much.
  2. Southwest salad with creamy lime dressing
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    Who doesn’t love Southwestern-inspired meals? This recipe for Southwest salad with creamy lime dressing does the trick!
  3. Black bean and sweet potato empanadas
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    Great as a snack or a light meal, black bean and sweet potato empanadas are a handful of deliciousness!
  4. Vegetarian roasted red pepper bagel sandwich
    Try a fresher, healthier alternative for lunch with this roasted red pepper bagel sandwich with a light smear of flavored cream...
  5. Eggplant lasagna
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    Gluten free and vegetarian without losing any of the texture or flavor? Find it here! Eggplant lasagna uses thinly sliced eggplant...
  6. BLAST wraps
    Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, Salmon and Tomato — a powerhouse of fabulous ingredients can only lead to one fantastic BLAST wrap for a...
  7. 3 Low-fat recipes using Bisquick
    Think Bisquick is only for your morning pancakes and waffles? Think again! This powdered baking mix can be used for your favorite...
  8. Greek shrimp orzo salad
    One pot for cooking and a bowl for chilling the salad — that's all that stands between you and a fantastic dish that will feed an...
  9. Healthy cheesy chicken
    Creamy, cheesy chicken was never this healthy. Greek yogurt is a surprise ingredient in this go-to chicken dish, upping the protein...
  10. Chili roasted root vegetables with poblano pesto
    It's easy to increase vegetable consumption when vegetables taste delicious! Chili roasted root vegetables with poblano pesto will...
  11. Homemade spinach spaghetti
    Can't get your kids to eat their spinach? Instead of reverting to force feeding, grounding or the addition of Velveeta, why not...
  12. Tomato pizza recipe
    Pile all of your favorite pizza toppings onto a slice of tomato and you can enjoy delicious pizza flavor with absolutely zero guilt!
  13. Homemade honey roasted cinnamon almond butter
    Flavorful homemade almond butter doesn't have to take all day and doesn't have to be complicated. Almonds roasted with honey and...
  14. Adorable vegetable creations
    Do you have really picky kids? Are they constantly pushing the vegetables off their plates? Instead of giving up on trying to get...
  15. Lightened up mac n' cheese recipe
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    Winter is a time for comfort food, but the new year brings resolutions of a healthier diet and lifestyle. With a little tweaking of...
  16. Healthy wild rice casserole recipe
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    It's so hard to make sure that little ones are eating a healthy, balanced diet. They'll never know they are eating something...
  17. Sweet potato chili
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    Sweet complements the heat when you add sweet potatoes and a touch of cinnamon to all the other spices.
  18. Guilt-free brownie recipe
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    It can be so hard to stick to those new year's resolutions when you have kids to keep happy as well. Bake up an easy, guilt-free...
  19. Eggplant mozzarella sticks
    Are your kids big mozzarella stick fans? It's hard not to be, with the crispy bread coating and the gooey mozzarella inside. However...
  20. Pumpkin black bean spinach enchiladas
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    A perfect twist for a meat-free enchilada.

Everything Mom needs to know about how to feed her family healthy, nutritious food.