Healthy Eating - Page 7:

  1. Modern Mom: What's the difference between organic and natural?
    Ever wonder the exact differences between organic and natural food? Look no further — we found the answer and are providing tips...
  2. Modern Mom: Should my kids go gluten free?
    Ever wonder if your kids may have a gluten intolerance and would function better without it in their diets? Here, we’re looking at...
  3. Throw a healthy summer picnic
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    Forget the ice cream and cake, and ditch the fatty burgers and fries. Kick off your summer with a healthy theme!
  4. Summer watermelon salad
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    With just three simple ingredients, this is an everyday salad favorite!
  5. Sweet and spicy Thai slaw
    Sweet and spicy Thai slaw takes all of the flavors of delicious sweet and spicy Thai food and infuses them into a healthy slaw full...
  6. Lettuce-wrapped jalapeño cheeseburgers
    Lettuce-wrapped jalapeño cheeseburgers are the answer to mundane gluten-free suppers. Cool lettuce envelopes salty and spicy burger...
  7. Turkey breast and sweet potato hash
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    Turkey breast and sweet potato hash is a snap to throw together and perfect for any meal of the day. Serve at breakfast with an egg...
  8. Homemade maple almond butter
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    Why spend lots of money on store-bought nut butters when you can make your very own at home! Almonds, sea salt and maple syrup are...
  9. Triple berry salsa
    Triple berry salsa will please any food lover while utilizing fresh summer berries and jalapenos. Serve on top of tortilla chips, as...
  10. Baked chicken and cauliflower with almonds
    Baked chicken, cauliflower and almonds is a one-dish wonder for almost any diet. Seared chicken makes a fabulous base for fresh...
  11. Cherry pie angel food cake
    Cherry pie angel food cake takes two low-calorie and low-fat ingredients and turns them into a sweet snack you can feel good about...
  12. Watermelon gazpacho
    Looking for something cool, sweet and refreshing? Enter watermelon gazpacho! This cold soup is not only filled with nutritious...
  13. Play with your food: Fun fruit shapes
    Having a hard time getting your kids to eat anything healthy, like veggies and fruits? Skip the blackmail tactic (no dessert unless...
  14. Broccoli & bacon potato with roasted cherry tomatoes
    The classic spud grows up a bit! Broccoli and bacon bring the decadence and flavor, while roasted cherry tomatoes provide a pop of...
  15. Roasted vegetable and chicken stuffed sweet potato
    Bored with your normal lunch? This vegetable and chicken stuffed sweet potato is packed full of nutrients and is the lunch twist...
  16. Peanut butter banana and honey milkshake
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    Milkshakes, while delicious, are not exactly healthy until now. Ripe bananas are frozen and blended with peanut butter, almond milk...
  17. Caramelized mushroom sloppy Joes
    Looking for a great vegan alternative to sloppy Joes? Look no further! Caramelized mushroom sloppy Joes deliver all of the texture...
  18. Zucchini fritters with herbed yogurt dip
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    Fresh summer zucchini are transformed into easy and delicious fritters. Grated and mixed with seasonings, Parmesan cheese and herbs,...
  19. 6 Easy ways to cut portions
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    It likely started slowly over time — your portion sizes, the amount of food you became accustomed to eating, grew. A lot. Now that...
  20. Mushroom kebabs with onion sauce
    Mushroom kebabs with onion sauce are the vegetarian's answer to meat. Roasted mushrooms and a fragrant onion sauce give so much...

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