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  1. Dinner Shortcuts: 30-Minute ham and potato soup
    Soup doesn't need hours to cook. This simple 30-minute potato and ham soup is ready in no time.
  2. Pesto turkey burgers recipe
    Pesto turkey burgers will make anyone a turkey burger convert. Fresh turkey patties packed with pesto, roasted red peppers and then...
  3. Dijon-almond crusted chicken
    Dijon-almond crusted chicken is the most flavorful and easiest low-carb main dish out there. Enjoy with fresh vegetables or atop a...
  4. Dinner Shortcuts: Skillet pasta with sausage and spinach
    Skillet pasta is a one-pot wonder. Lots of spicy sausage and tons of spinach. Healthy and delicious.
  5. Baked chicken and broccoli casserole
    Baked chicken and broccoli casserole is not your ordinary casserole. Bake chicken breasts on top of broccoli florets and a flavorful...
  6. Slow cooker Salisbury steak
    Salisbury is a classic suppertime dish. This slow cooker version gives you all the flavor with a lot less work.
  7. Dinner Shortcuts: Cheesy kielbasa tortellini
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    Kielbasa is a great time saver to bring in any meal. It's smoky, spiced and pairs perfectly with cheesy tortellini.
  8. Dinner Shortcuts: Roasted vegetable biscuit pizza
    Making pizza at home doesn’t have to be complicated. We took leftover roasted vegetables and made little biscuit pizzas.
  9. Cheesy mini meatloaves
    Doesn't everything taste better when in miniature form? These super cheesy meatloaves are perfect for the weeknight rush and cook up...
  10. Pot roast soup
    Pot roast soup is all the ingredients of the Sunday favorite in a great big steaming bowl. Enjoy with crusty bread for a...
  11. Easy cheeseburger-stuffed zucchini boats
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    Zucchinis are halved and stuffed with a tasty cheeseburger filling and baked. This is a great way to sneak in vegetables without...
  12. Vegetable, ham and cheese rice casserole
    This vegetable, ham and rice-packed casserole is just what the cold weather ordered. It's stick-to-your-ribs delicious!
  13. 3 Kid favorites made vegan
    Like many, one of our New Year's resolutions involves eating fewer meats and fatty dairies. But, getting our cheese- and...
  14. White chicken spinach lasagna rollups
    White chicken spinach lasagna rollups bring the comfort without any of the guilt thanks to a surprise ingredient. Cauliflower puree...
  15. Dinner Shortcuts: Spinach and artichoke bubble bake
    Bubble bakes are the perfect way to bring soft, delicious flavor to any meal. We spiced this recipe up with spinach and artichokes...
  16. Grilled cheese puffs
    Who doesn't love a crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside grilled cheese? These amazing little puffs taste just like your...
  17. Lemon oregano chicken
    Lemon oregano chicken is a simple and elegant way to serve the traditional weeknight chicken dinner.
  18. Wheatberry salad with cherries, gorgonzola and pistachios
    Wheatberry salad with cherries, gorgonzola and pistachios is sure to impress any crowd. Build it ahead of time, sans pistachios, for...
  19. Dinner Shortcuts: Cheesy sausage biscuit bites
    Cheesy sausage and biscuits. You cannot go wrong with this combination!
  20. Steak & vegetable stir-fry
    Steak and vegetable stir-fry is deliciously easy and healthful at the same time! Tender steak and fresh veggies served hot over rice...

Easy dinner recipes for the entire family.