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  1. Dinner Shortcuts: Meatball casserole
    Take those meatballs and throw them together in one tasty casserole. Simple and easy.
  2. Mini veggie pot pies
    For a delicious and quick weeknight meal, try making this easy pot pie. It's filled with wholesome veggies like mushrooms, peas and...
  3. Garlic lime chili roasted chicken
    Make dinner count tonight with this simple garlic lime chili roasted chicken. A delicious spice blend is seared into the chicken and...
  4. Garlicky chicken and broccoli stuffed shells
    Change up the traditional stuffed shell recipe by adding chopped chicken and broccoli. Topped with a healthy and creamy sauce, this...
  5. Cheesy ranch chicken pockets
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    A cheesy ranch and chicken filling is stuffed into fluffy crescent rolls and baked golden brown for a fun and easy dinner for the...
  6. Raspberry & strawberry honey chicken skewers
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    Is there anything more boring than a boneless, skinless chicken breast? Sure it's healthy and easy, but who wants to eat it if it...
  7. Dinner Shortcuts: Personalized French bread pizzas
    Set up a pizza bar and let the kids make their own! This is one fun and tasty French bread pizza.
  8. Shaved fennel and roasted pepper pizza
    Shaved fennel and roasted pepper pizza brings the Italian pie to a whole new level. When cooked at high temperatures, the shaved...
  9. Brown sugar, bacon and cheese sliders with buttery tomato bisque
    Growing up, there was nothing more comforting than a big bowl of tomato soup and an extra gooey grilled cheese. My mom would make...
  10. Shaved Brussels sprouts with almonds, dried cherries and warm...
    Shaved Brussels sprouts with almonds, dried cherries and warm bacon dressing is this winter's answer to the summer salad. Shaved...
  11. Black bean soup with chorizo
    Black bean soup with chorizo packs a lot of flavor from a few key ingredients. Wholesome and filling, this soup is packed with black...
  12. Vegan slow cooker sloppy Joes
    As a kid, sloppy Joes meant one thing: Dad was cooking. He'd make a giant batch of them and we'd eat them standing up, spilling the...
  13. Healthy zucchini pizza bites
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    Fresh zucchini is sliced into rounds and topped with tomato sauce and cheese. Baked just until soft, the zucchini makes an excellent...
  14. Easy one-dish chicken fajitas
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    Organic chicken breast, fajita seasonings, peppers and onions are all baked up in one dish for the simplest fajitas ever!
  15. Ultimate garlic bread
    Ultimate garlic bread combines the triple threat of cheese, butter and pesto for a bread side everyone will be asking for!
  16. 4-Cheese baked ziti with basil
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    Ziti pasta and tangy tomato sauce are blended with four rich and creamy cheeses. Baked until golden brown, this dish will be a new...
  17. Paprika fried chicken fingers with chipotle raspberry dipping...
    Paprika fried chicken fingers with chipotle raspberry dipping sauce is the newest go-to dinner everyone can enjoy! A heavy hand with...
  18. Pesto roasted chicken
    Pesto roasted chicken is one roasted chicken dish that delivers on the flavor. Be sure to have your butcher separate the skin and...
  19. Dinner Shortcuts: Chicken sausage and basil pasta
    Chicken sausage is full of flavor and pairs perfectly with pasta and fresh basil. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and call it a night.
  20. Honey and herb Cornish game hens
    Valentine's Day isn't just for adults, you know. I loved when my mom made a really special dinner for us kids. It really made us...

Easy dinner recipes for the entire family.