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  1. Baked beans and cornbread
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    Baked beans and cornbread bring rustic and delicious to the forefront. Easy baked beans and perfectly golden cornbread team up for a...
  2. Mashed potato bacon pizza
    Comfort foods collide in this mashed potato bacon pizza. It's as epic as it sounds.
  3. Weeknight naan pizzas
    Weeknight naan pizzas make pizza night special. Store-bought naan makes the perfect canvas for everyone to pick their favorite...
  4. Baked chicken and zucchini casserole
    Baked chicken and zucchini casserole is a one-dish wonder for those busy weeknights when dinner needs to be quick and healthy....
  5. Dinner Shortcuts: Taco pizza 
    Pizza is delicious but it's even better when it's jazzed up with lots of Mexican flavors. 
  6. One-pot pasta dinner
    This easy recipe uses a single pot for all the cooking, making dinnertime a breeze for Mom.
  7. Dinner Shortcuts: Sweet chipotle BBQ chicken
    Using your slow cooker is the ultimate way to shorten your nightly cooking routine. This sweet and smoky chicken will please the...
  8. Dinner Shortcuts: Cheeseburger biscuit pizza
    Take those burger flavors and turn them into a pizza. Biscuit pizza never tasted so good. 
  9. Roasted garlic eggplant pasta
    Roasted garlic eggplant pasta is a hearty meatless dish that will make Meatless Monday sing. Eggplant is cubed and roasted off, then...
  10. Dinner Shortcuts: Beef taco skillet dinner
    Dinner is even easier when you can make it in one skillet. This flavorful beef taco skillet will have your family begging for...
  11. Sloppy Joe casserole
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    Ground meat is simmered with sloppy Joe sauce and topped with a biscuit topping. This super-easy casserole is one classic dish the...
  12. Dinner Shortcuts: Tuna and pasta cheese melt
    Tuna melt is a classic diner favorite. We took all that flavor and threw it into a tasty pasta supper. 
  13. Italian smothered chicken
    Not sure what to make out of your boring old chicken breasts? This smothered chicken recipe is sure to please your whole family....
  14. Spicy shrimp in coconut sauce over rice
    Spicy shrimp in coconut sauce over rice brings an exotic twist to the simple seafood dinner. Enjoy over rice, or over some sauteed...
  15. Crunchy cornflake buttermilk “fried” chicken recipe
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    Finely crushed corn flakes are the coating to this buttermilk marinated un-fried chicken. This healthier version still gives you...
  16. Dinner Shortcuts: Garlic bread chicken sliders
    Who needs buns when you have garlic Texas toast? You're going to love this sandwich.
  17. Dinner Shortcuts: Sweet Asian skillet supper
    Sweet and full of flavor, you're going to love this easy and quick supper.
  18. Spicy garlic quinoa
    Spicy garlic quinoa is simple and romantic, perfect to serve with just about any meal. Just cook the quinoa and add your own special...
  19. Honey barbecue chicken hand pies
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    Flaky, buttery puff pastry squares are filled with finely shredded chicken, a sweet honey barbecue sauce and baked to a perfect...
  20. Cheesy chicken tater tot casserole
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    Tater tots, shredded chicken and cream of chicken soup are layered in a casserole dish and topped with cheese. This super-quick...

Easy dinner recipes for the entire family.