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  1. Crispy oven-roasted fingerling potatoes
    Crispy oven-roasted fingerling potatoes help make the back-to-school dinner transition easier. Serve alongside your favorite main...
  2. Dinner Shortcuts: Chicken & broccoli Alfredo pasta
    Chicken, broccoli and Alfredo are a match made in flavor heaven.
  3. Dinner Shortcuts: Chicken and rice Rotel tomato bake
    Throw it all together and bake it up. It's casserole at its finest.
  4. Barbecue baked onions
    Barbecue baked onions are a 2-ingredient wonder that will leave your family asking for more. Sweet onions are sliced and then...
  5. Grilled balsamic pork chops
    Grilled balsamic pork chops are the perfect main dish for busy nights. Let the chops marinate in a simple balsamic mixture and then...
  6. Easy taco bowls
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    Tortillas are formed in oven safe bowls and then baked until crispy. Stuff these healthy bowls with all of your favorite taco fillings.
  7. How to get kids to like vegetables
    What if getting kids to eat their veggies didn't have to be a struggle? We asked dietitians, food bloggers and a child psychologist...
  8. How to get picky eaters to try new foods
    Struggling to raise healthy eaters? We asked the experts how to get even the pickiest eaters to try (and like!) new healthy foods.
  9. Moms share what their dinner routines look like
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    Do you get mom guilt from thinking of other moms whipping up a made-from-scratch dinner each night (using organic tomatoes from...
  10. Foods to keep on hand for last-minute dinners
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    We’ve all been there: you have two hungry kids and the only edible things in your house are a bag of goldfish crackers, one banana...
  11. Sweet heat Crock-Pot sloppy Joes
    Sweet heat Crock-Pot sloppy Joes can be made with or without the heat part, but are fully flavorful no matter what. Make weeknight...
  12. Double baked turkey roll-ups
    If you can't get your kids to eat anything you're making these days, here's my suggestion, slather it in cheese. I know it might not...
  13. Gluten-free meals with 7 ingredients or fewer
    Being an adult is hard, especially when you're an adult who has kids with allergies to feed and a budget to keep. When one of your...
  14. Dinner Shortcuts: Skillet lasagna
    Love lasagna but don't like the time it takes to make it? Make it in the skillet and say hello to deliciousness.
  15. Totcholada casserole
    Crispy tater tots are slathered in spicy red enchilada sauce, cheese and fresh toppings for this fun and easy kid-friendly dinner.
  16. Restaurant copycat: Chili's chimichangas
    I can count on one hand how many times I've had a chimichanga. When I'm craving Mexican food, my go-to is usually a few tacos, a big...
  17. Pork chops with white wine peaches
    Pork chops with white wine peaches is a great date night dinner. Kids and adults alike will love the flavors.
  18. Restaurant copycat: Olive Garden baked Parmesan shrimp
    When I was in college, dinner at the city's only Olive Garden was like a trip to the French Laundry now, highly regarded and...
  19. Grilled campfire potatoes
    Grilled campfire potatoes are perfect for those summer nights spent in the outdoors. You don't have to be camping to enjoy these...
  20. Crispy biscuit-topped meatball casserole
    Sometimes we just need some good old-fashioned comfort food, no matter what season it is. It may be 1,000 degrees outside, but there...

Easy dinner recipes for the entire family.