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  1. 3 Simple suppers using French bread
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    If there's one staple ingredient to always keep on hand in your kitchen, French bread is hard to beat for its incredible...
  2. Simple suppers: 4 Quick takes on tacos
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    Tacos make a quick and fun meal for the whole family. And, because moms know that Bobby may like tomatoes while Suzy loathes them,...
  3. Slow cooker taco meat
    Use the slow cooker to put the most flavor in your new favorite taco recipe! Slow cooker taco meat is so simple anyone can make it,...
  4. Roasted fingerlings with yogurt ranch drizzle
    Roasted fingerlings with yogurt ranch drizzle will give the favorite french fry a run for its money! Cute fingerling potatoes are...
  5. Dinner Shortcuts: Meatball enchilada skillet
    Meatballs don't just need to be Italian. We combined store-bought meatballs with spicy red enchilada sauce and cheese and topped it...
  6. Strawberry, goat cheese and pancetta pizza
    We all love pizza, so we have taken a classic and given it a gourmet spin. This baby is packed full of fresh sliced strawberries,...
  7. Baked sausage and pesto meatballs
    Baked meatballs can traditionally be a little dry, but these baked sausage and pesto meatballs deliver on flavor and texture every...
  8. Dinner Shortcuts: Sloppy Joe squares
    Who says you have to eat your sloppy Joe in sandwich form? This casserole bake gives you all the flavor in one simple dish.  
  9. 5 Great frozen products that simplify dinner
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    The freezer will never improve a food's quality or taste, but it can improve your life and lower your dinnertime stress. Here are...
  10. Dinner Shortcuts: Creamy cheese tortellini skillet supper
    Cheese tortellini, tomatoes and fresh spinach are combined to make one delicious skillet supper. Your family will love this dish.
  11. Shortcut ravioli: Easy homemade ravioli recipes
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    We found a delicious way to streamline the ravioli making process that doesn't require time-intensive homemade pasta dough. The...
  12. Dinner Shortcuts: Ham and cheese crescent rolls
    Tired of boring old ham and cheese? This simple changeup is delicious and easy. Deli smoked ham and extra sharp cheddar cheese are...
  13. Easy chicken and cheese flautas
    Add some Mexican flair to your weeknight dinner with this super easy chicken and cheese flautas recipe! These are baked, not fried,...
  14. Dinner shortcuts: French dip crescent rolls
    Buttery crescent rolls all wrapped up with roast beef and gooey cheese. Bake and dip. You will love this dish!
  15. Mexican stuffed shells
    Mexican stuffed shells are the busy mom's answer to weeknight dinner. This dish can be made ahead of time easily and popped in the...
  16. Easy as taco pie
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    This fun and super easy meal is perfect when you don't feel like guessing what to make during the week. Tortillas are used as the...
  17. Cajun-style skillet chicken with red beans and peas
    Let the good times roll for dinner! Create a Cajun-inspired dish that is easy to put together and a delight for dinner.
  18. Dinner Shortcuts: Chili dog casserole
    We all love chili corn dogs so we have taken that flavor to the next level. All the flavor of the classic stadium treat but in one...
  19. Steak and snap pea stir-fry
    A quick and tasty meal is only minutes away! Steak and snap pea stir-fry is an all-in-one dish that makes a great dinner.
  20. Dinner shortcuts: Barbecue chicken pizza
    Pizza doesn't just have to be ordered. This simple pizza it just about as easy as takeout but with a homemade twist.

Easy dinner recipes for the entire family.