Dinner recipes for the family :

  1. Vegetarian Buffalo chicken pizza sticks
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    Pizza dough is topped with chopped meatless chicken strips, Buffalo wing sauce and cool ranch for this easy finger food with a hint...
  2. Curried chickpeas and coconut rice
    Curried chickpeas and coconut rice come together in about 20 minutes flat, but tastes like it's been cooking for hours.
  3. Wild mushroom galette
    Wild mushroom galette brings the fancy back to the dinner table. Use store-bought pie crust dough and fresh wild mushrooms for a...
  4. Harvest quinoa salad
    Harvest quinoa salad combines fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts for a texture-happy meal that is hearty enough for any appetite.
  5. Jack-o'-lantern-filled sweet potato casserole
    I don't think there's a person in the world who actually likes doing dishes. If you are one of those people, do you mind coming over...
  6. Chicken marsala shepherd's pie
    Chicken Marsala shepherd's pie takes the classic Italian dish and smothers it with a thick layer of creamy potatoes. This is one...
  7. Black bean and ham soup
    Black bean and ham soup brings the comfort in droves. Creamy beans, salty ham and a little bit of spice from fall chiles make this...
  8. Rosemary-garlic smashed sweet potatoes
    Rosemary-garlic smashed sweet potatoes are an herbaceous, flavorful way to enjoy this fall staple. Top with a little shaved Parmesan...
  9. Chunky pumpkin and bacon soup
    Chunky pumpkin and bacon soup takes pumpkin and presents it in a whole new light. Smoky, salty bacon ups the game and freshly baked...
  10. Copycat Mellow Mushroom Kosmic Karma Pizza
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    If you have ever dined at Mellow Mushroom, you know they are famous for their amazing pizzas — my personal favorite being the...
  11. Dinner Shortcuts: Chicken & black bean Southwest bake
    Casseroles are the key to a quick and easy weeknight meal.
  12. Pork loin with roasted cherries
    Pork loin with roasted cherries is both simple to make and beautiful to behold. Feel free to use frozen pitted cherries to make this...
  13. Triple cheese skillet lasagna
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    Tomato sauce, pasta and three types of cheeses are transformed into a lasagna-like dish right on the stove top.
  14. Sweet potato chili cheese fries
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    Keep dinner on a healthy note with these baked sweet potato fries slathered in homemade chili and cheese.
  15. Dinner Shortcuts: Ham and peas creamy pasta skillet recipe
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    Ham and peas are the perfect addition to a creamy pasta skillet supper.
  16. White bean, spinach and chorizo chili
    A hearty and simple meal to get on the table, this chili is just a little different from the standard sort.
  17. 4 Mini recipes that'll cost you just $5
    We've all heard of the $5 footlong, but there are so many other, far more delicious things you can eat for just $5. How about a...
  18. Easy pork cacciatore
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    Dinners that are rich in color and flavor can be simple to get to your table. This recipe for easy pork cacciatore is no exception....
  19. 3 Loaded fry and nacho recipes
    Some nights, it's totally OK to have fries and nachos for dinner. Especially when said tots and chips are so loaded, they constitute...
  20. Lemon-baked salmon
    Lemon-baked salmon is probably the simplest and most beautiful way to serve fish. Slices of a whole filet are baked atop sliced...

Easy dinner recipes for the entire family.