What's New - Page 8:

  1. Stuffed angel food cake French toast (stuffed with homemade...
    With this dish you can have your cake for breakfast. Sweet and simple angel food cake French toast stuffed and topped with a sweet...
  2. Dinner Shortcuts: Chicken cheesy pasta
    Pasta is great but it gets better when it's combined with fresh vegetables, lots of grilled chicken and cheese. Simple and delicious.
  3. Ooey-gooey monkey puzzle muffins
    Still virtually unknown outside the U.S., monkey bread is 100 percent American born and bread (get it?). These monkey puzzle muffins...
  4. Dinner Shortcuts: Kielbasa Reuben sandwich
    This fun sandwich is packed full of flavor. Kielbasa sausage, sauerkraut and cheese never tasted so good.
  5. Broiled tilapia Parmesan
    Broiled tilapia Parmesan is a 15-minute meal you can feel good about enjoying. Serve with a fantastic salad and spaghetti for a...
  6. Peach pie oatmeal
    Dessert and breakfast meet in this peach pie oatmeal.
  7. Modern Mom: Keeping kids hydrated
    Kids are more likely than adults to become dehydrated (think about how hard they play). As a mom, it's our job to help keep our kids...
  8. French toasties with mascarpone dip
    The only thing cuter than these French toasties is probably the sight of your kid's giggling while they dip them into the creamy dip...
  9. Roasted strawberry basil chicken
    Roasted strawberry basil chicken brings together the favorite flavors of summer in a fantastic dinner everyone will love.
  10. Bacon and egg breakfast puff pastry tarts
    Tired of the same old breakfast? These simple puff pastry squares are filled with fresh sunny-side up eggs and lots of crispy bacon....
  11. Dinner Shortcuts: Bacon-curry chicken salad sandwich
    Chicken salad just got a makeover with lots of crispy bacon and curry powder.
  12. Cardamom ginger peach cobbler
    Cardamom ginger peach cobbler is warm and comforting, and a perfect match with cold vanilla ice cream.
  13. Big green salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette
    Big green salad with cilantro-lime vinaigrette is a fabulous dish to take to any summer gathering. Wait to toss the salad together...
  14. Minty watermelon limeade with blueberries
    This limeade has its dancin' shoes on and is all set for a night out on the town.
  15. Dinner Shortcuts: Slow cooker ranch pork chops
    Set it and forget it! This dish just takes a few minutes to prep in the morning and by dinner time it's ready. It's that fast.
  16. 4 Paleo recipes for kids
    Kid's aren't known for wanting to eat healthy foods. In fact, the ones I know are always more keen to the neon green Cheetos or fake...
  17. Baked eggplant Parmesan
    Baked eggplant Parmesan is a healthier take on a family favorite. Top with breadcrumbs for the perfect take on the traditionally...
  18. Modern Mom: Are eggs all they're cracked up to be?
    Eggs are high in protein, but also high in cholesterol. Do the nutritional benefits outweigh the downsides? And are eggs safe for kids?
  19. Banana waffle bites with maple yogurt sauce
    Bring some bite-sized fun to the breakfast table with these banana waffle bites.
  20. Grilled chicken with corn salad
    Chicken doesn't have to be boring. This delicious grilled chicken pairs perfectly with a tasty grilled corn salad.