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  1. Sweet potato cake
    Sweet potato cake is a tender, moist cake chock-full of spice and flavor. A simple cake that is perfect served with ice cream,...
  2. Modern Mom: 10 Best foods to eat when pregnant
    With so many rules and recommendations on what to eat and what to avoid when pregnant, it’s easy to get confused and just throw in...
  3. Copycat Mellow Mushroom Kosmic Karma Pizza
    If you have ever dined at Mellow Mushroom, you know they are famous for their amazing pizzas — my personal favorite being the...
  4. Mini cinnamon rolls with orange glaze and sprinkles
    Colorful and fun-filled cinnamon rolls small enough for little hands.
  5. Make fro-yo in your food processor in just 10 minutes
    Frozen yogurt is a satisfying treat that can be made in minutes at home, no trip to the ice cream store required.
  6. Dinner Shortcuts: Chicken & black bean Southwest bake
    Casseroles are the key to a quick and easy weeknight meal.
  7. Chocolate-cherry vanilla smoothies
    Can you think of a better flavor combination than chocolate and cherries? Add vanilla yogurt to the mix and you'll flip over these...
  8. Pork loin with roasted cherries
    Pork loin with roasted cherries is both simple to make and beautiful to behold. Feel free to use frozen pitted cherries to make this...
  9. Triple cheese skillet lasagna
    Tomato sauce, pasta and three types of cheeses are transformed into a lasagna-like dish right on the stove top.
  10. Fiesta black bean dip with crunchy veggies
    School's in session, so now is a good time to learn a lesson about fun and flavorful lunch and after-school snacks. This dip is...
  11. Carrots drenched in a quick and easy homemade teriyaki sauce
    One skillet, a small bag of carrots and homemade teriyaki sauce equal one wonderful side dish.
  12. Sweet potato chili cheese fries
    Keep dinner on a healthy note with these baked sweet potato fries slathered in homemade chili and cheese.
  13. Dinner Shortcuts: Ham and peas creamy pasta skillet recipe
    Ham and peas are the perfect addition to a creamy pasta skillet supper.
  14. White bean, spinach and chorizo chili
    A hearty and simple meal to get on the table, this chili is just a little different from the standard sort.
  15. Roasted okra fries
    Roasted okra fries are both delicious and full of flavor and texture. Make sure your fries are spread out to ensure perfect...
  16. Chipotle chicken and sweet potato salad
    Chipotle chicken and sweet potato salad is the perfect mix of salad ingredients, a meal that is sure to pack a punch with flavor and...
  17. Dinner Shortcuts: Sausage gravy and toast
    Breakfast for dinner is the best kind of dinner. You're going to love this filling recipe. 
  18. Fried chicken finger burritos with black beans
    You get comfort food to the second power with these fried chicken-filled burritos, or you can even call them fried chickenritos.
  19. 4 Mini recipes that'll cost you just $5
    We've all heard of the $5 footlong, but there are so many other, far more delicious things you can eat for just $5. How about a...
  20. Chewy white chocolate chunk and tart cherry cookie bars
    Chunks of white chocolate and tart cherries are best friends in these cookie bars