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  1. Vegetarian Buffalo chicken pizza sticks
    Pizza dough is topped with chopped meatless chicken strips, Buffalo wing sauce and cool ranch for this easy finger food with a hint...
  2. Grain-free apple-cranberry muffins
    Moist and full of apples and real cranberries, these grain-free muffins are a healthy start to the day or snack.
  3. Pumpkin cheesecake French toast sticks
    French toast sticks, not just for high school cafeterias anymore. These fluffy, thick sticks aren't just loaded with pumpkin flavor...
  4. Fried bologna club sandwich
    Sometimes going back in time can yield a tasty meal. That's the case with this mile-high sandwich.
  5. Fruity blueberry and veggie corn muffins
    Sneak some veggies and fruit in for the day with these corn muffins.
  6. Half homemade cinnamon twists with vanilla glaze
    Waiting for yeast breads to rise is the worst. This semi-homemade breakfast treat is packed full of cinnamon sugar flavor and ready...
  7. Curried chickpeas and coconut rice
    Curried chickpeas and coconut rice come together in about 20 minutes flat, but tastes like it's been cooking for hours.
  8. Pumpkin quinoa and oats
    Pumpkin quinoa and oats are a great way to pack in protein, fiber and veggies during the first meal of the day. Mix up the dry...
  9. White chocolate Halloween bark
    Melted white chocolate is topped with assorted Halloween candy and broken into pieces for this fun holiday-inspired treat.
  10. Wild mushroom galette
    Wild mushroom galette brings the fancy back to the dinner table. Use store-bought pie crust dough and fresh wild mushrooms for a...
  11. Modern Mom: Fall Crock-Pot recipes for the family
    If you enjoy using your Crock-Pot, you won’t want to miss these eight incredible recipes that are perfect for fall.
  12. Paleo pumpkin cinnamon sugar doughnuts
    Paleo? No problem. Even cavemen would've loved these grain-free treats.
  13. Double chocolate zucchini muffins
    These double chocolate muffins have a surprise ingredient: zucchini! These delicious, fluffy muffins are a win for both moms and...
  14. Italian sausage and marinara pastry bites
    These yummies are as cute as they are delicious. Kids will love these because they're the perfect size for little hands. Oh and they...
  15. Modern Mom: Top 10 pumpkin desserts
    While pumpkin may taste great in Oreos, coffee creamer and even gum (what?!), there’s really nothing that quite compares to a good...
  16. Harvest quinoa salad
    Harvest quinoa salad combines fresh vegetables, fruit and nuts for a texture-happy meal that is hearty enough for any appetite.
  17. 4 Easy Halloween recipes kids can make
    This article should really be titled "4 Halloween recipes you'll love making as much as your kids do," because really, they're that...
  18. 10-Minute pasta Alfredo
    Ten-minute pasta Alfredo is ready in the few minutes it takes to boil the pasta itself! Creamy, dreamy and so good with a salad and...
  19. Jack-o'-lantern-filled sweet potato casserole
    I don't think there's a person in the world who actually likes doing dishes. If you are one of those people, do you mind coming over...
  20. Halloween Oreo-stuffed brownies
    Use up those Halloween Oreo cookies by stuffing them into brownies. Your whole family will devour them up.