Dinner Shortcuts: Triscuit pizza 

Brandy O'Neill

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Need an easily customizable snack? This simple Triscuit pizza is perfect for weekday snacking. 

Triscuit pizza

When I was a kid I loved snacking after I got home from school. We always ate lunch really early so by the time I got home I felt like I was starving. One of my favorite things to make was pizza. Of course we never had pizza dough so I started making pizza out of just about anything I could think of. One of my favorite ways was by using Triscuits. They are crunchy so they hold their crisp and cheese and pepperoni are always good. This is the snack of your dreams.

Triscuit pizza

Triscuit pizza

Yields 1 serving


  • 9 Triscuits
  • 2 tablespoons marinara sauce
  • 1/4 cup shredded cheese
  • Toppings: Pepperoni, mushrooms, onion, olives or green pepper


  1. Line a small baking sheet with foil and lay out Triscuits to create a square.
  2. Spread marinara on top of the crackers and sprinkle with cheese.
  3. Top with desired toppings. (I used pepperoni) 
  4. Turn your broiler in your oven to high and broil just long enough to melt the cheese.

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Brandy O'Neill
Brandy is the author of the food blog, Nutmeg Nanny. In her spare time she enjoys developing recipes, baking and cooking. She is a small town girl who left the corn fields of Ohio for the scenic beauty of the Hudson Valley region of New York. Her food is influenced by her small town roots as well as her many travels around the world.