10 Mardi Gras party snack ideas for kids

Alison Luther

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Start your party off with Fat Tuesday treats that the whole family can enjoy!

From mouth-watering mini muffulettas to Green Gator’s Blood mocktails, these creative twists on traditional Cajun fare will make for a celebration fit for a king! Check out these family-friendly recipes.

Mini muffuletta sandwiches

Mini Muffaletta Sandwiches

This make-ahead mini muffuletta sandwich recipe from Taste of Home is a must at a Mardi Gras gathering and will satisfy guests of all ages.

Cheddar cheese straws

Cheddar Cheese Straws

Kids and adults alike will enjoy these tasty homemade cheddar cheese straws, so make a bunch… they’re sure to go quick! Get the recipe.

Mardi Gras cupcakes with cinnamon frosting

Mardi Gras Cupcakes with Cinnamon Frosting

Delight guests with these homemade colorful treats. These festive Mardi Gras cupcakes from Erica’s Sweet Tooth call for a box of yellow cake mix, so your baking time is cut down with a handy shortcut.

Green gator’s blood mocktail

Green Gator’s Blood Mocktail

Little hands will be reaching for more of this green Gator’s Blood Mocktail. They’re simple to make with just three ingredients: peach nectar, simple syrup and food coloring! Get the recipe.

Mardi Gras pretzels

Mardi Gras Pretzels

Dress up boring party pretzels with some festive color with these sugared yogurt-dipped pretzels. Check out Benton Better Lunches for more creative Mardi Gras inspiration.

Fruit and cheese dunkers

Fruit & Cheese Dunkers

Fun to make and fun to eat, these fruit and cheese dunkers are a hit at any party. Bonus: any leftovers from your party are great for kids’ lunches the next day!

King cake jelly shots

King Cake Jelly Shots

Who could pass up one of these incredibly festive King Cake Jelly Shots from Tablespoon? Serve ‘em up as a centerpiece at the adult table.
*Note: The recipe calls for vodka, so this special treat is just for moms and dads!

Crown cookies with skittles

Crown Cookies with Skittles

Enlist your kids to give you a hand with these sweet party treats. You take care of the baking, while they decorate with purple, yellow and green Skittles. Get the recipe and let the fun begin!

Virgin frozen raspberry margarita

Virgin Frozen Raspberry Margarita

Adults and kids will both love this refreshing treat that calls for real frozen raspberries. Serve them up in green plastic cups, and offer a variety of silly straws for the kids! Get the recipe.

Fruit Loops necklace party favors

Fruit Loops Necklace Party Favors

Send the kiddos home with a party favor fit for a king! These Fruit Loops necklace party favors from 8FootSix are fun to make, and will send them off with a fun token from your memorable gathering.

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