10 Breakfasts you can brown-bag

Elaina Verhoff

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No time for a sit-down breakfast? Brown-bag it! These 10 breakfasts can be packed in minutes and eaten on the road or at your desk.

Make your own instant oatmeal packets

Make your own instant oatmeal packets | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: Homestead Anywhere

Taking breakfast to work? Instead of store-bought oatmeal packets, assemble your own DIY instant oatmeal.

Freeze-ahead smoothies

Freeze ahead smoothies | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: The Architect and the Artist

Instead of making a mess with the blender every morning, blend up a big batch and freeze in Ball Freezer Jars. Grab one on your way out the door and let it defrost during the morning commute.

Apple dippers with yogurt

Apple dippers with yogurt | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: The World According to Eggface

Sliced apples, Greek yogurt, caramel sauce and cinnamon are all you need to make these apple dippers to go. Use a lidded container (or cover tightly with plastic wrap) to avoid a mess.

Peanut butter apple wraps

Peanut butter apple wraps | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: Inner Child Food

Peanut butter, apple slices and honey make a delicious breakfast when wrapped in a whole-grain tortilla. And if hunger strikes on the road, they're easy enough to munch while you drive.

Breakfast scones

Breakfast scones | ChefMom.com
Photo credit: Offbeat + Inspired

These buttery vanilla scones are the perfect breakfast indulgence — especially when topped with raspberry jam.

Waffle sandwich

Waffle sandwich | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: Kevin & Amanda

Waffle sandwiches are addictively delicious and super easy to pop in a plastic bag as you dash off to work. Peanut butter, honey and bananas, ham and eggs or even Nutella and strawberries are all fine choices for sandwich fillings.

Egg muffins

Egg muffins | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: Cooking With My Kid

These breakfast cuties are made with all your breakfast food faves — bacon, eggs and cheese, oh my.

Breakfast cookies

Breakfast cookies | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: Kumquat

Hearty and sweet, these healthy oatmeal breakfast cookies are the perfect morning treat.

Paleo banana almond bread

Paleo banana almond bread | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: The Suburban Girl Gone Country

Your search for a low-calorie, low-sugar banana bread recipe is over. This no-sugar version uses bananas and dates for sweetness and has just 150 calories per slice.

Homemade toaster pastries

Homemade toaster pastries | ChefMom.com

Photo credit: A Kitchen Addiction

Forget the fructose-laden store-bought pastries and make your own instead. Whole wheat flour and fresh blueberries make these homemade toaster pastries healthy and delicious.

Quick tip:

Snap top containers like Sistema Klip It make it easy to box up bento-style breakfasts or lunches.

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