Lunch box bug kit

Heather Barnett

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Is your child tired of bologna and cheese every single day? Surprise them with this creative kit to make an edible insect with food, complete with assembly instructions.

lunch box bug kit

It can be a challenge to get your kiddos to eat fruits and veggies in their lunch box. The key is to make it fun! So set your kiddos up with a lunch box bug kit and let them get creative while they eat.

How to put together a lunch box bug kit

Just about any fruit or veggie has a place in a lunch box bug kit. Just use your imagination (or Google) to come up with creative ideas. You'll need a few supplies, though.


  • Fresh fruits and/or veggies
  • Edible glue (peanut butter, cream cheese, etc.)
  • Small candies (if desired)
  • A divided container or baggies
  • Popsicle sticks or plasticware (for spreading)
  • Directions for creating the bug


  1. After you've decided what bug you want them to make, get the food prepped. Remember, your kids won't have access to high-quality knives, so cut everything into the right shape in advance. Don't forget to use a toothpick to add any holes that are necessary (i.e., for antennae).
  2. Pack the fruits and veggies into the divided containers or baggies. Keep the foods separated as needed. You don't want to pack waterlogged foods like pineapple or tomatoes in the same place as crisp ones, especially if the color could be affected.
  3. Pack plenty of "glue." Reduced-fat creamy peanut butter or low-fat cream cheese work well, depending on what your child will be making. You can flavor cream cheese with herbs or jellies if you'd like.
  4. Don't forget the instructions. Sure, you could just let them have at it (and they will if they want to), but you need to make sure you can make at least one great creation with the ingredients you're including. Keep in mind, too, that some kids get frustrated easily if they're not sure what to do, and that could lead to them skipping the project altogether. For younger kids, send a photo or diagram of the finished creation. For kids who are learning to read, include very simple written instructions.
  5. Keep the food fresher by packing a frozen water bottle in the lunch box. Not only will it melt in time for lunch to provide much-needed fluids, but it will keep the veggies and fruits fresh and cold.

Tips for creating your edible bug kit

  • Keep your design simple. Many kids only have an hour or so for lunch, so it shouldn't be a masterpiece. It should be just a little fun thing to do while eating the sandwich or soup you sent.
  • If your child has an aversion to a certain food, work around it. Sure, it's a challenge to get some kids to eat anything healthy, but we're all allowed to have foods we just dislike. It's one thing if they refuse to eat any veggies at all. It's quite another if they just don't like radishes as much as their older sibling. Forcing the issue takes the fun out of it.
  • If they have an aversion to vegetables, start them off with fruit-based bug kits.
  • Especially when working with fruits, don't be afraid to include sweets. Eating a few mini chocolate chips or marshmallows isn't going to destroy the health-factor.

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