10 Creative lunchboxes

Whitney Coy

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Say goodbye to "blah" lunchboxes! Mix things up for your kids by getting creative with their school lunches. Try these 10 creative lunchboxes, or make up your own and share it with us in a comment below!

chicken finger wrap

Skip boring bread

Take an everyday sandwich to a whole new level by switching boring bread out with something a little more exciting. Instead of two slices of bread, fill a hot dog bun, pita bread, English muffin or bagel with whatever you were going to stack on your sandwich.

Make shapes

The next time you make a sandwich, pull out your cookie cutters and turn it into something else. It's funny how much better a peanut butter and jelly sandwich can taste when it looks like a star or a dinosaur. Don't worry about wasting the crusts — dry them out and use them to make bread crumbs.

Serve leftovers

Thermoses aren't just for soup! Use an insulated thermos to serve up whatever tasty dish you had for dinner last night. Heat up your leftovers and put them in a thermos while they're hot to have a warm, ready-to-eat meal at lunchtime.

Go for crackers

Not every kid is crazy for sandwiches. Instead, serve crackers with bite-sized meats and fruits. Your kid will love stacking and creating his own little "sandwiches!" It's a great way to make sure your picky eater gets enough grains.

Roll it up

Skip the bread and use a tortilla or flatbread when you're making your sandwich. Roll all the fillings up inside, then serve it as-is, or slice it for pinwheels. Your kids will go bananas for either one!

Serve a salad

Skip the sandwich altogether and serve a salad as your main course for lunchtime. Go for a standard house mix, throw together a taco salad, or create a salad of the fruit or pasta variety. If you're worried about it getting soggy, send the dressing in a separate container to be mixed just before eating.

Don't be afraid to waffle!

Waffles are too delicious to be just for breakfast. Keep them sweet by smearing them with cream cheese and adding raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Thinking of something a little more savory? Waffles can make a great peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but any sandwich you would serve on bread will taste just as wonderful (if not more!) between two waffles.

Crazy for kabobs

Any kind of kabob is fun to eat, which is probably why kids love them so much. Stack your regular sandwich ingredients on a skewer, including chunks of meat, cheese, bread and veggies, with a side of dressing or their favorite condiment for dipping. If you want to keep with the theme, stack some fruit on another skewer for dessert.

Get dippin'

Kids love to dip foods, so send some finger foods they can have a little fun with. Pack pretzels, chips, crackers, fruits and veggies cut into bite-sized pieces, along with ranch dressing, cream cheese, peanut butter, salsa, hummus or yogurt for dipping.

Pick a theme

Have a little fun when you're packing lunch and create a themed surprise inside of her lunchbox. Choose a color and try to make everything match. Turn her lunch pail into a Mexican fiesta or a dainty tea party. It'll be fun for you to see how creative you can get, and she'll be floored when she opens it up and sees what you've done

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