Simple dinner recipes to celebrate school milestones

Brooke McLay

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School is full of special occasions like first days, good grades, awards, recognitions and, of course, graduation. What better way to celebrate your student's success than with a killer recipe and a fabulous family dinner! Here are our favorite easy dinner recipes and ways to celebrate your star students.

Child wiht special plateCelebrate School Success In Style

Looking for a new tradition that will help you make your child's milestone extra memorable? Here are a few fun ways to pat your kid on the back, turning dinnertime into party time.

1You're great! Plate

It's easy to make dinnertime special when you serve your special kid a meal on a special plate. Purchase a single, colorful plate at a thrift store, deem it the "You're Great! Plate," and bring it out only for the most important of occasions. To make your celebratory dinner even more special, take some time to go around the dinner table and give compliments to your special kid. There's no quicker, or easier, way to say you're great!

2Toast time

On extra special school nights, serve soda pop in wine glasses and offer a family toast to the successful student in your home. Not only will they love having soda for dinner, they'll love hearing a few words spoken aloud and dedicated to their great accomplishment.

3Make a wish

Serve your super student the usual family dinner, but make it extra special by placing a candle in it to be blown out once you've expressed how their accomplishment is a wish come true for you. If you've seen how they worked hard to get good grades, say it out loud, "Watching you set a goal to not get any C's on your report card and then seeing you dedicate yourself to your schoolwork was a wish come true for me. Thanks for being such a great kid!" Then, invite your great kid to blow out his candle to commemorate achieving the goal.

4For you're a jolly good fellow

Get the family to join together in a rousing rendition of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow!" in honor of your kiddo's great school success. To make it extra fun, allow them to stomp their feet at the dinner table, tap on their glasses with a spoon and sing in their loudest voices.

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